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Back to Music talks to... / Jun 14, 2019

"If you put this album on and you don't connect with it, you ain't got soul..." - Trevor Nelson talks us through his new compilation Soul Selection

As Trevor Nelson releases his latest compilation Soul Selection, the DJ talks us through putting the album together...

Since the mid-1980s, back when Kiss FM was still a pirate radio station, DJ and presenter Trevor Nelson has been a key figure in bringing urban music to the masses. In recent years he's also developed a nice little sideline in compilation albums, applying the skills he learned as a DJ to a series of lovingly curated albums packed with classics from all genres, from hip-hop to R&B to soul.

His latest compilation Soul Selection hits the shelves in stores today and features more than 50 soul-stirring tracks by the likes of James Brown, Marlena Shaw, Roy Ayers, Chaka Khan and many, many more.

With his latest collection is stores this weekend, the DJ gave us a rundown of what we can expect to find on his latest compilation and why the songs on it are so important to him.

Watch our interview with Trevor below...


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