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"I saw my future..." - talks to the cast of Blade Runner 2049

With Blade Runner 2049 in stores this week we talk to the cast about the long-awaited sequel...

With the benefit of hindsight, it seems almost incredible that Ridley Scott's 1982 film Blade Runner wasn't an instant hit, but then this was a film that was ahead of its time in more ways than one. The first of many films to be based on the work of Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner broke ground on almost every front, from Jordan Cronenweth's arresting cinematography to Vangelis' futuristic soundtrack, redefining the standard for science fiction films and gradually earning the cult status it enjoys today.

A sequel has been a long time coming, but Denis Villeneuve's hotly-anticipated follow-up finally arrives in UK cinemas this week. Set 30 years after the original story, Blade Runner 2049 stars Ryan Gosling as a young LAPD officer named K who discovers a dark secret that threatens humanity itself. In the search for answers, he sets out to find Rick Deckard, a former Blade Runner who has been missing for three decades - and who may just hold the key to humanity's fate.

Harrison Ford reprises his iconic role as Deckard, alongside a cast that also includes Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Ana De Armas and Sylvia Hoeks. With the film arriving on DVD shelves on Monday (February 5th), we sat down with Harrison, Ryan, Ana and Sylvia to talk about what we can expect from Blade Runner 2049.

Watch our interview below...


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