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Event Terms and Conditions

All events are subject to change or cancellation at short notice. Changes to events will be announced via social media. Please check and our social media channels for any event updates or changes before travelling:

We kindly ask customers attending our events to purchase items to be signed from hmv. This helps us to continue to host in-store events and to support the artists. We shall ensure that we have enough stock so that everyone can buy an item at events.

If you have any special assisted access requirements relating to access at an event in an hmv or Fopp store, please Contact Us  and we shall do our best to accommodate you wherever possible. For access requirements in venues that are not hmv or Fopp stores, you will have to contact the venue directly.

Artist’ – means an individual person or group of people who appear at an Event to promote items.
Attendee’ – means a member of the public who attends an Event.
Event’ – means an event in a Store or Venue where an Artist appears for promotional purposes.  
HMV’ – means (i) in the UK, Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited, (ii) in Ireland, Sunrise Records and Entertainment Ireland Limited, or (iii) in Belgium, Sunrise Records and Entertainment Belgium BV.
'hmvtickets app' - means the smartphone application required to receive Tickets for Attendees.
Store’ – means the HMV or Fopp retail store where an Event takes place.
Event Terms’ – means these Event Terms and Conditions.
Ticket’ – means a ticket to gain entry to an Event.
Venue’ – means a venue that is not a Store.
Wristband’ – means a band worn on the wrist of an Attendee to gain entry to an Event.

1.1 These Event Terms shall apply to each advertised Event in a Store or Venue together with any additional terms relating to a specific Event or as may be imposed by a Venue.
1.2 By applying for Tickets or Wristbands and/or attending an Event, Attendees agree to be bound by these Event Terms.

2.1 Tickets for Events can be acquired as advertised on the details for the Event. 
2.2 Tickets are limited to one per person unless advised otherwise at the discretion of HMV.
2.3 Tickets are limited in number and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
2.4 Tickets will either be complimentary or at the price advertised.
2.5 Tickets cannot be transferred, exchanged or returned unless explicitly stated in the event listing.
2.6 Tickets (where paid for) cannot be refunded unless the Event has been rescheduled or cancelled. 
2.7 Where tickets are to be issued digitally (as will be advised on the webpage when the tickets are ordered) unless advised otherwise, each Attendee must provide a UK mobile phone number. A text message shall be sent to the submitted number and shall include instructions to enable the Attendee to be issued with a digital ticket for the Event to their mobile phone via the hmvtickets app. 
2.8 To receive their ticket each Attendee must download the hmvtickets app as prompted in the text message and accept the terms and conditions of the hmvtickets app. 
2.9 HMV accepts no responsibility for any person that cannot download and access the hmvtickets app for any reason whatsoever.

3.1 Wristbands for Events can be acquired as advertised on the details for the Event.
3.2 Wristbands are limited to one per person unless advised otherwise at the discretion of HMV.
3.3 Wristbands are limited in number and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
3.4 Wristbands will either be complimentary or at the price advertised.
3.5 Where Wristbands are collected in advance of an Event, the Attendee may be required to wear the Wristband from the time of collection until the end of the Event.
3.6 Wristbands cannot be transferred, exchanged, or returned.
3.7 Wristbands (where paid for) cannot be refunded unless the Event has been rescheduled or cancelled.

4.1 Entry to an Event shall be strictly on a first-come, first-served basis and only up to the maximum number of people that can safely be accommodated in the Store or Venue and at the sole discretion of HMV or the Venue.
4.2 Where the Event is in a Store, entry shall also be subject to the availability of stock being promoted, being available to purchase.

5.1 Events shall take place in the advertised Store(s) or Venue(s).
5.2 Attendees may be expected to queue for entry as directed at the Store or Venue.
5.3 Where relevant, entry to an Event is dependent upon an Attendee producing a valid Ticket which may be via the hmvtickets app or wearing a Wristband that has not been tampered with (as applicable).
5.4 Where Attendees have been added to a guestlist, they must make themselves known to staff upon arrival and may be asked to provide identification and proof of eligibility such as a copy of an email confirming their addition to the guest list. Being on a guestlist does not guarantee priority entry.
5.5 HMV or the operator of the Venue reserves the right to restrict the number of Attendees admitted to an Event.
5.6 If a parent, guardian, or carer of appropriate age cannot accompany an Attendee to an Event with an age restriction, entry shall be denied. Where relevant, the parent, guardian or carer must also possess a Ticket or Wristband.
5.7 HMV or the Venue operators reserves the right to request proof of age and to refuse entry to any Attendee where it has reasonable grounds to believe that the Attendee is less than any advertised minimum age for entry to an Event.
5.8 When a carer accompanies an Attendee to an event, the carer must be available to assist the Attendee, as necessary. Unless agreed otherwise in advance with HMV or the Venue operators, where necessary the carer must also possess a Ticket or Wristband to gain entry.
5.9 Attendees must make their own travel arrangements to and from an Event and at their own cost.
5.10 Admission to an Event is reserved by HMV or the Venue operators who may take health and safety, environmental and security concerns into account at their reasonable discretion and may from time to time carry out security searches.
5.11 Entry to an Event may be prohibited on account of, including without limitation; late arrival, declining to be searched, abusive, threatening, drunken or other antisocial behaviour and/or upon breaching any of the Event Terms.
5.12 No refunds or compensation will be offered to anyone who is refused entry or ejected from an Event for whatever reason whatsoever.

6.1 Attendees acknowledge that the advertised start time (and any advertised end time) of an Event is dependent upon the time the Artist arrives at the Store or Venue and at what time they leave, and that HMV has no control over this.
6.2 HMV shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that there are sufficient quantities of items that are being promoted at an Event available for purchase by Attendees.
6.3 Where an Artist is willing to sign items, it is at the discretion of the Artist or the management of the Artist and may be restricted to items that have been or shall be purchased from HMV during an Event. Items to be signed shall be limited to one per Attendee. 
6.4 Where an Artist is willing to pose for photographs it is at the discretion of the Artist or the management of the Artist. 
6.5 Photography is not guaranteed and may be restricted upon notice to Attendees at an Event.
6.6 HMV cannot guarantee that an Artist shall be able to meet any or all Attendees at an Event and the availability of the Artist is at the discretion of the Artist or the management of the Artist.
6.7 Filming or sound recording of Events by Attendees is not permitted.

7.1 HMV reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or amend Events in any way, at any time and without prior notice.
7.2 HMV will use reasonable endeavours to notify the Attendees of the cancellation, rescheduling or amendment of an Event by posting updates on social media and/or in the relevant Store, but cannot guarantee that all Attendees will be informed before the advertised start of an Event.
7.3 In the event of an Event being cancelled, rescheduled, or amended, HMV cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by Attendees for travel, accommodation, or any other related service.
7.4 If an Event is cancelled, Tickets or Wristbands that incurred a charge that was payable directly to HMV by the Attendee will be refunded.

Attendees hereby consent to being filmed or photographed at an Event and that HMV, its associated companies, Artists and Artist’s management and their associated companies may use such photographs and/or filmed footage in any and all media in perpetuity throughout the world as they see fit and without further consent.

9.1 HMV does not accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury, or disappointment suffered howsoever arising from applying to register for an Event, or in actually attending an Event, whether due to any errors or omissions caused by HMV, its employees, agents, or others to the fullest extent permitted by law. Nothing shall exclude HMV's liability for death or personal injury as a result of its negligence.
9.2 HMV will not be liable to any Attendee or to any other person in the event that all or any part of an Event is cancelled, modified, or changed in any way.
9.3 HMV does not warrant that registration for Events will be free from errors or omissions.
9.4 Attendees agree to reimburse HMV in respect of any damages suffered by HMV resulting from any claim made by a third party in respect of any matter arising from the Attendee's participation at an Event including breach of these Event Terms or from the Attendee's violation of any applicable law or regulation.
9.5 HMV reserves the right to amend the Event Terms at its sole discretion.
9.6 In the event of any dispute regarding these Event Terms and all other matters relating to Events, the decision of HMV shall be final, and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.
9.7 There may be additional terms and conditions relating to an Event imposed by the Venue. In the event of a conflict between the Event Terms and the terms and conditions of the Venue, the terms and conditions of the Venue shall take precedence. 
9.8 The Event Terms shall be governed by the laws pertaining to the country within the United Kingdom where the Event is held.

Last updated: 04 April 2024


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