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"GPO Bermuda Grey Turntable - MP3 USB & Built-In Speaker" has now been discontinued and is no longer available.

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There's nothing like placing a vinyl record on a turntable and lowering the needle to hear that authentic sound. Browse the turntables in our collection and experience your favourite artists in a whole new, if old school, way. For any questions, get in touch or speak to our friendly experts at your nearest store.

What are turntables?

Turntables are the heart of vinyl record players. They consist of a rotating disc that spins the record, a tonearm that carries the stylus over the grooves and a phonograph cartridge that converts the stylus movements into audible signals.

Turntables are often confused with record players. Yet even though they're closely related, they're not the same thing.

What's the difference between turntables and record players?

Turntables are one of the components of record players. They spin the record and touch the disc with a stylus to read the music. On the other hand, vinyl record players consist of all the different components needed to play the music, including turntables, speakers, an amplifier and a preamp.

When you buy turntables by themselves, you have the freedom to handpick the preamp, amplifier, and speakers to go with it – letting you build a bespoke record player that suits your tastes.

What types of turntables are available?

We've got a huge range of turntables for sale in our catalogue, featuring models from industry-renowned brands such as CrosleyPro-JectSonyVictrola and Jam. Read on to find out about the different types of turntables you can find in our range. 

Turntables with speakers

If you want to start listening to your favourite tunes as soon as possible, then choosing a set of turntables with speakers is a must. We offer turntables with built-in speakers as well as models with matching external speakers.

Turntables on stands

Turntables on stands are extra secure and create an elegant look for your sound system. And since turntables perform at their best when positioned on a stable and sturdy surface, stands also improve audio quality by minimising vibrations.

Bluetooth turntables

Back in the day, the only way you could connect your turntables to external speakers or headphones was with wire. But today, you can simply use Bluetooth to connect many turntables to external speakers. Check out the Bluetooth turntables in our collection if you'd like to enjoy this connectivity feature.

Portable turntables

Want to enjoy your vinyl records on the go? Compact and lightweight portable turntables are specifically designed to let you easily move them from one location to another. They still have all the functions of traditional turntables, giving you access to the rich, analogue sound of vinyl wherever you are.

Retro record turntables

Roll back the years with a set of vintage turntables. Mimicking the turntables available in previous decades, they complete that special retro record aesthetic in your home. Although they may resemble old technology, they sound just as good as modern-looking turntables, while arguably looking even better.

What accessories can I get for my turntables?

Keeping your turntables and records in good working condition is easier with high-quality vinyl accessories. Here's the equipment you should consider purchasing with your set of turntables:
  • Preamp – Connect your turntable to your hi-fi system and produce excellent sound quality.
  • Record sleeves – Keep your vinyl discs safe and replace old sleeves with new ones to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Record clamps – Clamp and damp records to allow the stylus, tonearm and cartridge to do their jobs more effectively, producing optimised sound quality while preventing slipping.
  • Record cleaning kit – Ensure the highest quality sounds by keeping your vinyl collection clean with one of these kits.
  • Slip mats – These sit under your vinyl on the turntable and help to protect the record from scratches and reduce static for better sound quality.
  • Storage case – Stop records from picking up dust and place them in storage cases instead to keep them safe and clean. Some come with a handle, making them easier to transport.
  • Turntable stylus – Your stylus may need replacing following long periods of use. To reduce the risk of harming your records, make sure you know when to swap it for a replacement.
  • Vinyl racks – A large stack of vinyl records can be heavy, so you need strong racks to keep them in place and maintain a cool aesthetic.


What's the difference between belt- and direct-drive turntables?

Belt-drive turntables feature a platter that sits on a bearing and is pulled by a belt to spin your record. Direct-drive turntables also feature a platter, but this is directly connected to the motor via a spindle in the middle of the plate.

Belt-drive turntables tend to be more popular for those listening to their songs at home as the belt acts as a shock absorber, ensuring vibrations from the motor don't affect sound quality. Direct-drive turntables are more often used by DJs spinning records as they favour the precision and immediacy of the direct drive.

Why choose HMV for turntables?

We've been passionately catering to Britain's music needs for decades, so we know how to give our customers great sounds and great service. Perhaps this is why tens of thousands of people have rated us as 'Excellent' on Trustpilot. Read their glowing reviews and choose us for your turntables.

We like to make it easy for you to buy high-quality turntables. So, Klarna payments let you split your costs into three monthly, interest-free instalments (T&Cs apply).

Take advantage of our free UK delivery on orders over £20 (exclusions apply) or Click & Collect your new turntables at HMV or Fopp stores that are convenient for you. And if your order isn't quite right, use our 14-day returns policy by following the instructions in our returns portal.

Get your turntables from HMV today

We have a huge range of turntables for sale, so browse the full collection today and find the perfect option to custom build your vinyl record player. We stock models from leading brands such as Audio Technica, GPO, Lenco and House of Marley. You'll find brilliant turntables that deliver excellent sound quality. You can check out our range in person too by visiting your nearest store.

If you have any questions about our collection of turntables or shopping at HMV, then we'd be happy to help. Get in touch with us or visit our help centre to get the answer you're looking for.

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