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Ghost back from the depths - Rite Here Rite Now

After several months of cryptic radio silence following their US ‘Re-Imperatour’, Ghost have crawled from the depths to announce their highly anticipated movie ‘Rite Here Rite Now’ - set for a limited cinema release of June 20th and 22nd, directed by both Tobias Forge and Alex Ross Perry.

The full trailer has been released alongside tickets for in-person cinema screenings. For fans interested in signing up for updates on the film, as well as for when tickets go on sale for the film, the link to the official site for ‘Rite Here Rite Now’ can be found here.

To accompany the film, a soundtrack featuring the live performed songs will also be available, making it Ghost’ second live album following ‘Ceremony and Devotion’ which was released in 2017 during the band’s ‘Popestar’ era, in which Papa Emeritus III was frontman.

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It is no secret that Ghost have always incorporated cinematics into their music, with their long running webisode series providing insight into the lore behind the band, though following the latest edition to the Chapters which was released a year ago now, fans were left speculating the fate of their beloved Papa IV and what the Ministry held in store for him, and many questions were left unanswered.

The film is set to be both a concert movie and a movie that will tie up any loose ends following the webisode series, meaning we will finally have answers as to all the loose ends left ominously unanswered in the Chapters. 

The concert that will be featured in question was filmed over the two finale nights of their hugely successful 2023 ‘Re-Imperatour’, which took place in LA, at the Kia Forum. During these particular performances, audiences were informed strictly no filming was to take place.

This can only mean Ghost have included all sorts of never before seen surprises during these performances, as well as promising to deliver ‘flesh and bone renditions’ of fan favorite tracks spanning across their entire discography, including ‘Mary on a Cross’ - hoping to provide a promising performance to both new and old followers of Ghost alike.

Of course despite this there is no promise of Papa Emeritus’ IV’s safety, with a description on the official website for ‘Rite Here Rite Now’ reading;

“Behind the scenes with GHOST’s Papa Emeritus IV, as his future and fate lay in the hands of the ministry”

This has led to further speculation and debate between fans online over numerous social media platforms, many believing that this will be the final curtain for Copia before a new Papa is unveiled, whereas some have debated whether he will continue to be the frontman for Ghost, but with a slightly different twist. 

The man behind the mask, Tobias Forge himself released a statement on the film, explaining how the initial idea for the film came to fruition.

“Over a decade ago when Ghost got signed to Loma Vista, Tom Whalley (owner and CEO) asked what the story of the band was,” he began. “He felt telling a story was vital in order to get new fans engaged. I said that because we were a new ‘baby’ band and more importantly we were an ANONYMOUS baby band, there wasn’t really a compelling story to tell. Not yet anyway. But I told him that if he wanted a story, I could come up with one. This film is the fruit of that conversation.”

On the advertising post for the film on their Instagram, Ghost stated in the post’s description;

“We look forward to seeing you all within not too long.”

Which many have potentially perceived as an indication Ghost will be once again touring soon, as Tobias Forge had revealed work has already begun on their newest album, as stated in an interview with Metal Hammer. The successor to Impera has already had several songs on the tracklist completed, meaning their newest era could be coming much sooner than we think.

As a devoted fan of Ghost myself, I am more than excited for this film's release, eager yet anxious to see what the band has in store for Papa IV, as well as all the well-kept surprises that were implemented for the final two dates of their USA tour. Ghost know their audience well, and I have no doubt that anything they put out is going to be spellbinding, making a perfect mix of both cinematics and their usual performative charm when it comes to their rituals. 

Fears aside, it is definitely evident that Ghost have rattled bones and have caused worldwide excitement for this film, with many fans planning to dress up for the occasion to show their devotion - it is certain to be one ritual that audiences won’t forget, whether you are witnessing it for the first time or reliving the memory.

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