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Green Day / Dookie 30th Anniversary Preview

In 1994, Green Day released their third album, the masterpiece that is Dookie. Thirty years later, they are now releasing a special anniversary edition with a plethora of previously unreleased content and a stunning 36 page book.

There’s also plenty of cool memorabilia items inspired by the iconic ‘Dookie’ artwork: a paper plane, bumper sticker, postcard, magnet sheet, button set, colour-in litho, air freshener and doggie poop bags. Perfect for any Green Day Collector.

Green Day have been at the forefront of the pop-punk scene since their beginnings but it was arguably the release of Dookie that saw them take the genre to new heights. It was one of the most popular albums of the nineties and is still a prominent feature in playlists today. With tracks like ‘Basket Case’, ‘Welcome To Paradise’, and ‘Longview’, this album is simply pop-punk perfection.

Dookie is a personal album, mostly based on Billie Joe Armstrong’s experiences in life but more than that, it is relatable. The various themes throughout the album can resonate with pretty much anyone who listens, as proven by the 20 million copies sold worldwide, making it one of the best selling albums of all time.

This 30th anniversary boxset gives fans so much more content than has ever been released with 17 demos, 6 outtakes, a club show performance from Barcelona in 1994. Fans are well and truly spoilt, especially as they get both cassette and 4-track demos. A fantastic way to see how ‘Dookie’ was brought to life and how it ended up being the album we all know and love.

Previously only available as a very rare Record Store day release, Dookie’s 30th Anniversary boxset also includes the iconic Woodstock performance from 1994.The perfect opportunity for fans to relive the event that Tré Cool himself described as ‘A set that changed our whole lives.” However, not included is the chance to replicate the mud fight that helped make the set so memorable, unless your friends are up for getting a bit muddy that is!

30 Years later, Dookie is still relevant, it’s still iconic, and perhaps most importantly of all, it’s still enjoyable. And we get to enjoy it all over again with this super deluxe boxset!

Own it here!

Written by Sophie Holmes from hmv Worthing, read more of Sophies writing here.

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