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Back to Music reviews... / Mar 18, 2024

#NewMusicFriday | 15 March

Calling all music lovers! We wanted to create a space to share what our teams are most looking forward to on #NewMusicFriday release day. Here, we'll be giving a run down about the albums, with an idea of what type of listener they'd be perfect for. Whether you're a seasoned record collector, or looking to get a taste of what it's all about, subscribe to our YouTube to give it a watch, or have a read here!

hmv Headliner Kacey Musgraves / Deeper Well
Unveiling our Headliner for March, Kacey Musgraves! For those who might not be familar with Kacey Musgraves, prepared to become a new fan of Country music. In 2012, she signed with Mercury Nashville and released her hit single Merry Go Round. Kacey Musgraves was awarded her first Grammy in 2024, and to-date, has acclaimed 7 Grammys, and won Album Of The Year for Golden Hour. You'll find hit singles such as Rainbow, Butterflies and Space Cowboys. With Deeper Well in mind, Kacey brings her signature style and soulful tunes through rolling acoustic guitars, puffy clouds of strings, all layered with Celtic melody moments.
By Lu, hmv Belfast.

Own Deeper Well now on exclusive@hmv crimson clover edition vinyl, coloured vinyl, exclusive@hmv CD + poster & standard CD.

AC/DC 50th Anniversary 
Celebating 50 years of one of the most iconic Rock bands in history, AC/DC! To celebrate 50 years, they released a select few albums on coloured vinyl all of which have been compressed on gold coloured vinyl. Looking at For Those About To Rock, this one also happens to be a gatefld, which includes a motion picture inside. All of the albums do come with a beautiful 12 x 12 print of Angus, perfect to frame at home! Two extremely exciting formats that are exclusive to hmv is Highway To Hell on exlcusive@hmv hellfire red vinyl and Back In Black on exclusive@hmv black and white vinyl. 

Highway To Hell... One of AC/DC's arguably most famous albums released in 1979, and their first hit album in U.S. And Back In Black, the seventh studio album has been AC/DC's best selling album of all time, with hit singles such as You Shook Me All Night Long & Shoot To Thrill.

A total of 9 AC/DC studio albums reissued in stunning colourways to commemorate the Rock titans! By Erin, hmv Merry Hill. Own them now

Justin Timberlake / Everything I Thought It Was 
Justin Timberlake's latest album, released on vinyl, is a masterful blend of R&B, Pop and soulful melodies that showcases his evolution as an artist. The warm crackle of the vinyl adds a nostalgic charm to the listening experience, enhancing the richness of Timberlake's smooth vocals and intricate production. From infectious grooves to heartfelt ballads. Each track on the album captivates listeners with its depth and authenticity. With his signature style and innovative sound, Timberlake proves once again why he remains a powerhouse in the music industry. By Dan, hmv Cardiff.

Own Everything I Thought It Was now on limited edition silver & black vinyl, standard vinyl & CD

Deadmau5 / Album Title Goes Here
Album Title Goes Here by Demos is an electrifying auditory in journey seamlessly blends pulsating beats with intricate melodies, showcasing the Canadian deejays signature sound in all its glory. From the hypnotic rhythms of tracks like Super Liminal and the Afro Atmospheres of There Might Be Coffee, each song on the album captivates listeners with its dynamic range and infectious energy. With its innovative production techniques and captivating soundscapes, Album Title Goes Here, solidifies Mouse's position as a pioneering force in the electronic music scene, inviting audiences to lose themselves in its captivating sonic landscapes. By Dan, hmv Cardiff.

Own Album Title Goes Here now on coloured vinyl.

Four Tet / Three
Four Tet's Three on vinyl is a transcendent sonic experience that seamlessly blends electronic beats with organic textures, creating an atmosphere that envelops the listener. With meticulous attention to detail, full tech crafts, intricate rhythms and melodies that ebb and flow, inviting listeners on a journey through lush soundscapes and hypnotic grooves. Each track involves not alone, drawing the listener deeper into its intricate layers of sound. The warmth and depth of vinyl bring out the richness of the production, allowing every sonic nuance to be fully appreciated. 

Own Three on vinyl & CD now

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