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#NowPlaying | 23 Feb

Discover what hmv is listening to with #NowPlaying and the latest albums released on 23 Feb, live on our YouTube!

Chelsea Wolfe / She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She
With this deliciously dark atmospheric blend of folk, electronica and metal, Chelsea Wolfe invites you to shed your demons and submit yourself to the void. Her most confidently delivered and fully realised offering to date. Chelsea’s commanding voice is arresting and haunting across these 10 tracks produced by David Sitek. For fans of Portishead, Nine Inch Nails and Zola Jesus. Connor, Music Buyer

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Nadine Shah / Filthy Underneath
Guitars take a back seat on Nadine's new album, and synths come more to the fore, a great fit for her recent support to Depeche Mode.. Her remarkable voice delivers honestly raw lyrics in her unique style. The inaugral album on EMI North is an absolute belter. Tony, Music Buyer

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Rat Wars finds HEALTH serving dystopian noise-bathed synth-driven pop. Delivered with a hard-edged industrial flare for crushing results towing the line of anxiety-inducing introspection and confident gothic exuberance. Steven, Music Buyer

Own it now limited edition red vinyl, standard vinyl & standard CD

Real Estate / Daniel
Real Estate deliver yet another great sunday morning, coffee on the stove, sit on the porch and watch the world go by record. Only enhanced by its beautiful, shimmering production and effortless earworms, Daniel is one to get to know now, and relish in when those summer months come a-knocking. Steven, Music Buyer

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Job For a Cowboy / Moon Healer
10 years on from their last LP 'Sun Eater', JFAC have stormed the gates with another castle-flattenner. Developing their sound to include a brain-melting blast party of tech, death, hardcore and progressive, you're right to be scared. For fans of Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex, The Faceless. Jamie, Music Buyer

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Amaranthe / The Catalyst
Hot on the heels of the massive Manifest album, Amaranthe return with their upbeat and explosive new LP The Catalyst. Touring soon with Dragonforce, if you're into Beast in Black or Delain, you'll dig these forward thinking pioneers. Jamie, Music Buyer

Own it now on limited edition green vinyl & standard CD

Faye Webster / Underdressed At The Symphony
There's a simplicity and repetition in Faye Webster's songwriting and vocal that has a hugely mesmeric quality. It's an approach that allows her super-tight band shine with their lush, Indie-Country-Soul arrangements, Faye sounding very much like the voice in her own head and her band, the world going on around her.

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Grandaddy / Blu Wav
Jason Lytle whispers back with a welcome new album of Grandaddy songs. There's a real lanquid country feel to this collection which perfectly frames Lytle's soft vocal and his hallmark skill of intertwining imagery of vast deserts and the beauty of nature with laptops, watercoolers and phone apps. Every Grandaddy album sounds like a swansong, I hope this one isn't it. David, Head of Music

Own it now on standard vinyl & standard CD

Katherine Priddy / The Pendulum SwingPriddy's third album opens up a time capsule of family life from some pre-tech era of rural England. Delicate and complicated at the same time, the ethereal folk storytelling quietly captures a family's growing pains, their comings and goings without fuss or making a scene. Warmly nostalgic as a favourite old film on a rainy Sunday. David, Head of Music

Own it now on coloured vinyl & CD

Hurray For The Riff Raff / The Past Is Still Alive
For their 9th alnum, HFTRR (Alynda Segarra) returns to the sound of their earlier folk albums, but this album is classic americana. With tales of survival both large and small (personal scale) are told with help from Conor Oberst / Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes. Its a gorgeous, optimistic album with a hearbreaking closing track which is made up of voice notes for their father who passed away just before work on the album started. Tony, Music Buyer

​​​​​Own it now on orange vinyl & standard CD

Lee Scratch Perry / King Perry
Posthumous release features Greentea Peng and Tricky who co produces with Daniel Boyle. Recorded during the pandemic and before his death in August 2021, it features his last ever recorded vocal on the closing track "Goodbye". Tracks have elements of synthwave, drum & bass and electronica presented within a dub framework. A fitting album to add his this genius' body of work. Tony, Music Buyer

Own it now on standard vinyl & standard CD

Can - Live in Paris
Painstakingly remastered with an attention to detail few possess, Irmin Schmit and René Tinner bring another fantastically leftfield Can performance to life. This time, Damo Susuki is on vocals, and the band are presenting classic tracks from Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi, among others, with a healthy and absolutely necessary dose of tangents, motorik and improv that Can have perfected down to a tee at this point in their career. This recording is a band at the top of their game and a crowd that know it. Steven, Music Buyer

Own it now on standard vinyl & standard CD

MGMT - Loss of Life
The Connecticut duo are ditching their wonked out 80’s synthpop tip of Little Dark Age and echoing the 60’s future-psych wonder found in previous releases a la Celebration. Laced with oddball tales of a Bubblegum Dog and a brilliantly Gabriel/Bush duet featuring Christine & The Queens, Loss of Life is a far cry away from the Kids/Electro-indie expectations set up on MGMT. It’s considered, tonally dark and hits in the ways one wouldn’t expect. Steven, Music Buyer

Own it now on standard vinyl & standard CD

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