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#NowPlaying | 7 Apr

Discover what our music team is listening to with our #NowPlaying!

Khruangbin / A LA SALA
The Texan trio’s first album proper since 2020’s Mordechai, and they haven’t weaned in delivering that which is perfectly silk smooth. Sailing through twelve through tracks of meandering psych-soul, easy listening has never been so engaging. Funk grooves, reverb laced guitars and tight, purposeful bass hooks, the middle-eastern inspired A La Sala exudes a skillful flair which demands repeat listens. By Steven F, Music Buyer 

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Ingested / The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams
Following up 2022's beastly 'Ashes Lie Still', Manchester mob Ingested are back with more slamming groovy death metal sexiness. Hot off some amazing tours alongside the likes of Lorna Shore, Fit For an Autopsy, Signs of the Swarm, Aborted and more, new singles 'Pantheon' and 'Paragon of Purity' show you exactly what you're in for and why they've hit our #NowPlaying with an ear-splitting roar. By Jamie D, Music Buyer 

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Chappell Roan / The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess
A wise musician once said, Pop music is the hardest kind to do well. Lorde was absolutely right when she said that, it's brutally hard to write good pop music, but Chappell Roan makes it look easy. With The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess, this debut accomplishes more range in 49 minutes and 8 seconds than most musicians manage in 49 years. From the aching country ballads of Picture You or Pink Pony Club to the unrepentant drama of Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl, and the incredibly powerful HOT TO GO! This is an album that grabs you by the back of the neck, ties you to a motorcycle and sends you into the sunset down Route 66. By Connor W, Community Manager, more of their writing here

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Fabiana Palladino / Fabiana Palladino
Fabiana Paladino harps back to 80’s synth-pop greatness? To say the new output by the London based Singer-Songwriter, championed by Jai Paul’s Paul Institute, is an 80’s pastiche would be totally false. It pulls the best bits and injects them with a freshness. A considered, well built pop symphony of period strings, wonderfully produced percussion and Fabiana’s voice. A voice that evokes feelings of Sade and Prince but in the end is undeniably her’s. This is not a pastiche, this is strains of 80’s synth-pop greatness for a new generation. By Steven F, Music Buyer

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Julia Holter / Something In The Room She Moves
On her first solo album in 6 years, Julia paints pastoral landscapes of dreamy ambient pop. An agile and minimalist blend of slippery fretless basslines, Vangelis synths and smoky lounge jazz this freewheeling project is anchored by Julia’s voice, equal parts playfully creative and emotively vulnerable. For fans of Broadcast, Jenny Hval, Animal Collective and Bjork. By Connor C, Music Buyer 

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Logic1000 / Mother
Australian born and Berlin based Logic1000 delivers a love letter to house music. A sophisticated blend of deep house, polished pop vocals and heavy bass lines to test your speakers to. An easy highlight is ‘Every Lil’, a mesmerizing latin vocal track, and evasive bass line and trippily swung percussion. For fans of Caribou, Kelela and Four Tet. By Connor C, Music Buyer 

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Alestorm / Voyage Of The Dead Marauder
IT'S THE PERFECT STORM! Scottish pirate party metallers Alestorm are back doing what they do best. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:

1. Try not to get the title track's chorus stuck in your head for the next 12 years
2. Play it LOUD
3. Don't play it in front of your nan
By Jamie D, Music Buyer

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Ride / Interplay
The shoegaze veterans deliver their most energizing and ambitious album this side of the 90s. Opener ‘Peace Sign’ has its sights on sun kissed festival evenings, inviting you to “throw your hands in the air” over a soaring guitar and shimmering synths. Ride keep this euphoric energy up for the records entire run, a psychedelic shoegaze album with its head in the clouds. For fans of Slowdive, Tame Impala and Spiritualized. By Connor C, Music Buyer 

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Leaves Eyes / Myths Of Fate
20 years after they formed, Leaves Eyes have returned with 'Myths of Fate'. Incorporating seveal styles of metal, classical, folk and more, vocalists Elina Siirala and Alexander Krull trade off like a Nordic beauty and the beast headed into battle, backed by pummeling drums, epic songwriting and soaring anthems. For fans of: Delain, After Forever, Tristania, Xandria. By Jamie D, Music Buyer 

Own it now on vinyl & CD

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