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Please ensure you have read all the below FAQs before contacting us with any queries.

How long will it take before our stock is on sale in stores and/or online?
It will typically take about three to four weeks by the time you provide your details, the agreement is completed, and we have your details and stock added to our computer systems. 
I supplied the information requested but have not heard anything since.
Please email the HMV head office contact that you were in discussions with. If you do not receive a reply, please email
I have a question about the draft agreement that I have been sent.
Please email your HMV head office contact and include full details of the query. If we agree to make any changes to the draft agreement, we shall send you an updated draft agreement to review.
How do I sign the agreement?
Full signing details will be supplied with the agreement which you will receive via email. You will be expected to sign online using DocuSign, we cannot accept signed agreements in any other format. Please ensure that once you have signed the agreement, you keep a copy for your records.
We have given you the requested information but have now decided we do not want to proceed.
Please email your head office contact so that we can cancel the request.
The agreement has been signed, what now?
Once you have signed the agreement, we shall set you up on our internal systems. You will then be asked to provide full details of the goods that you will supply (description, price, barcode number, etc) so that we can set the items up on our systems. Once this has been completed, we should be able to place orders with you.
What is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?
EDI is how we prefer to place orders and receive invoices. If you have access to EDI, our IT department will contact you.
What price will you sell the goods for?
We will decide on a retail price depending on the cost price that you will charge us for the goods. Please do not print prices directly onto the goods. Legally, we reserve the right to set the retail prices at our sole discretion and any recommended retail prices shall not affect our entitlement to set the retail prices.
Does the stock need to have barcode numbers?
Ideally yes. If it does not, we will allocate barcodes.
When and how should we invoice you?
This information will be included in the agreement.
We do not understand the weekly report that we receive via email.
Please email who will be able to advise further. Please include your supplier number in the email.
What is our supplier number?
When we issue the agreement for signing, we shall advise you of your supplier number which will begin with the letter S followed by six digits. Your supplier number shall also be listed within the agreement. The supplier number is unique to you and will remain the same for as long as we trade with you. It is important as it helps us locate your details on our systems and ensures that we pay you correctly for goods sold. Please include your supplier number on every delivery note, invoice and on any email that you send us. 
When will we be paid?
Payment terms will be agreed with you before the agreement is signed.
We have not been paid when expected or not paid the correct amount.
Please email with a copy of the invoice that has not been paid or has been paid incorrectly and tell us about the issue and we will investigate, please include your supplier number in the email.
Modern slavery, ethical trading, and anti-corruption.
Where legally required, we shall expect you to have a Modern Slavery Policy and where relevant you should also have an Ethical Trading Policy and/or follow the ETI Base Code. You must also ensure that your staff are aware of and follow all UK Anti-Corruption Obligations. You can view our Modern Slavery Policy here.
I am an artist or represent a band. Can you stock my music?
The details supplied on these pages are for companies who will deliver goods to a substantial number of hmv and/or Fopp stores in the UK and would not be suitable where you wish to supply a limited number of stores and with a small range. We do have a process primarily for artists and bands to supply their music to local stores, for further details see local artists

My question and the answer are not listed above.
If you have already been set up as a supplier, please check the agreement as the answer may be in there. If you still have a query, please email your HMV head office contact or email

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