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In 2023 we had well over 1000 #hmvlive&local and #fopplive&local events in our stores.

We are on the lookout for singers and bands to perform live for our customers. If you are a solo singer, part of a duo or are in a band and you are interested in this great opportunity to promote your music in your local hmv or Fopp store, please get in touch.


Who do I speak to about performing my music in a store?
You can visit any of our stores and speak directly to the store manager who will be able to advise further.
Alternatively, please complete the enquiry form which is available below and your details shall be forwarded to the relevant store for review. If the store is interested in this opportunity, they will contact you directly, so please make sure that you provide your full contact details.

What events do you hold in stores?
Primarily we are looking for unsigned artists and bands to perform in stores. However, we have also held cosplay events, had dancers, poets performing, authors doing readings and a variety of other events.

Can you sell my music, books and merchandise in the store?
Yes, this may be possible. Further information about supplying us with your music or other items to sell to our customers is available here.

How do I promote the event?
Once the event has been confirmed by store management, you can promote it on your social media channels and via a poster in the store. The store may be able to provide graphics that you can use.

Can I advertise on the store digital screens?
If you are interested in advertising the event or your music that is for sale in the store on our digital screens, please see here. Note that not all stores have digital screens.


Please complete the hmvlive&local Enquiry Form. The information will be sent to the store that you would like to perform in. If they are interested in the opportunity, they will contact you directly.

Please select a maximum of five stores. If there is the opportunity to perform in more stores, this can be discussed with you when appropriate.


You should read the below performer terms and conditions in their entirety. 

These event terms shall apply to everyone that performs in an hmv or Fopp stores at an ‘hmvlive&local’ or ‘fopplive&local’ event. If you have any questions about these event terms, please email

Artist’ – means an individual person or group of people who are booked by Store Management to appear at an Event for promotional purposes.
Event’ – means an event in a Store that is promoted as an ‘hmvlive&local’ or ‘fopplive&local’ event.
HMV’ – means (i) in the UK, Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited, (ii) in Ireland, Sunrise Records and Entertainment Ireland Limited, or (iii) in Belgium, Sunrise Records and Entertainment Belgium BV.
Performer Terms’ – means these Performer Terms and Conditions that shall apply to each Event.
Store’ – means the HMV or Fopp retail store where the Event takes place.
Store Management’ – means the member of store management at the Store that agrees to and arranges the Event.

1. These Performer Terms shall apply to each Artist that is booked to perform at an Event in a Store and where the Event has been directly organised by Store Management.
2. Bookings (including date and time) for each Event shall be confirmed upon verbal, electronic or written means between Store Management and the Artist.
3. Store Management may upon notice to the Artist, reschedule or cancel an Event at the sole discretion of HMV.
4. There shall be no fee payable from HMV to the Artist for a performance at an Event.
5. The Artist will provide a professional level of performance and shall behave in a professional manner at all times during their time in the Store.
6. While in the Store, the Artist shall at all times follow all instructions given by Store Management or any other authorised employee of HMV.
7. The Artist shall communicate with Store Management immediately in the event of any issues relating to their performance at the Event.
8. The Artist shall supply all instruments and any other equipment necessary for the performance.
9. The Artist accepts full responsibility for maintaining their own public liability insurance and equipment safety documentation including P.A.T. testing certificates for all electrical equipment the Artist supplies to be used at the Event.
10. Where any equipment is provided by HMV for the Artist to use, the Artist shall use the equipment with reasonable care and shall be liable for any damage caused to such equipment due to misuse.
11. HMV shall provide the Artist with access to power points where necessary.
12. While preparing for the Event in the Store, the Artist shall as far as reasonably possible keep any disruption and noise to a minimum.
13. During the performance the Artist shall keep the music to a reasonable level taking into consideration the environment that they are performing in.
14. The Artist shall conform with HMV health and safety policies and procedures at all times and should report to Store Management in the first instance for a Fire Safety and Health & Safety brief.
15. The Artist will be issued with a copy of the Live & Local risk assessment completed by Store Management to familiarise themselves with the likely risks identified and measures to be taken to mitigate such risks.
16. HMV may take photographs and make video recordings of the Event for use on social media.
17. The Artist shall not offer for sale their music (or other products) directly to the general public in the Store or while at the Event.
18. The Artist shall not accept monetary contributions from the general public while at the Event.

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