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Gender Pay Gap Reports

Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited – Gender Pay Gap Report 2022-23

Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited recorded its snapshot pay data as at 5 April 2022 and the results are outlined below.

Mean Gender Pay Gap

The company has recorded a mean gender pay gap of 12.5% based on fixed hourly rates for all full pay relevant colleagues: The mean gender pay gap is primarily driven by

  • The higher proportion of male employees (63%) to female employees (37%) and therefore more males are in senior positions
  • 46% of female colleagues are in part time roles
  • The company has a proud history of long service with 73% of male colleagues having more than 10 years’ service compared to 27% of female colleagues
  • In the 12 months leading up to the snapshot date of 5 April 2022, 52% of new recruits were female and 48% male

Median Gender Pay Gap

The median gender pay gap for hourly fixed pay is 3.2% as at 5 April 2022 for those colleagues on full pay at the snapshot date.

Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment

During the period under review there was a combination of bonus and long service awards made. 21.3% of males received either a bonus or long service award in the period and 12.3% of females received either a bonus or long service award in the period.

Bonus Gender Pay Gap

The recorded mean bonus / long service difference is -10.90% which is favourable to our female colleagues and we have a median bonus / long service difference of 0%.

Pay Quartiles

The table below illustrates the gender distribution across each quartile of colleagues on full pay at the snapshot date, with each quartile holding 286 colleagues.

  Male Female
Lower quartile 47.2%  52.8%
Lower middle quartile 64.3% 35.7%
Upper middle quartile 68.2% 31.8%
Upper quartile 73.2% 26.8%

We acknowledge there is a gender imbalance in our staff profile some of which is historic. However, our latest twelve months recruitment statistics of 52% female appointments and our mean bonus difference of -10,1% demonstrates that we are making considerable progress in this respect.

We confirm that the data reported is a true reflection of the gender differences in our mean and median hourly rate and pay quartiles in relation to the data held as at 5 April 2022.

Phil Halliday
Managing Director
Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited


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