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If you have contacted us and we are interested in exploring the opportunity of working with you, we will ask you to review the information on this page and then provide us with your full details so we can prepare a draft agreement.


The following is a brief outline of the main terms that will be included in the agreement that will be provided by us if we wish to stock your goods in our stores and on our website:

  • stock shall usually be provided on a consignment basis which means that we pay you for the stock we sell 
  • you shall deliver goods directly to our stores or warehouse as agreed with us
  • you shall provide a delivery note with all stock delivered
  • each week we shall email you details of the stock sold during the previous week
  • each week you shall invoice us for all stock reported as being sold during the previous week
  • we shall pay you on agreed payment terms once you submit each valid invoice
  • we shall advise you of any products that we no longer wish to continue stocking and these shall be collected by you or we may agree to mark the goods down in price to sell through to our customers


  • you shall supply your details to your hmv head office contact
  • we shall prepare a draft agreement based upon the information you have supplied 
  • the draft agreement shall be sent to you via email to review  
  • once you confirm you are happy with the draft agreement, we will send you a copy to sign electronically
  • you will then be given your unique supplier number
  • once the agreement has been signed, your account will be set up on our systems and you will be asked to provide all necessary information to allow the goods to be set up on our systems
  • we will then be able to place orders with you for the goods

If you agree with the above and we have invited you to apply to become a supplier or you simply wish to see the next part of the process, please proceed to the supplier details page.


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