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We are happy to consider stocking music from unsigned artists and bands in local HMV and Fopp stores and we may also if appropriate invite you to perform live in our stores.  We may also agree to stock other local artist products such as DVDs and books.

Please read the information on this page and then visit your local store to ask if they are interested in stocking your music or other products. If they are, please supply the necessary information to the store who will take it from there. Once we have considered your request and if we agree to stock your music, DVDs, books or whatever it may be, we will contact you via email with an agreement for you to complete and sign.

Please also see Local Artists FAQs. 

If you wish to supply your music in several of our stores, please see becoming a supplier
If you are interested in performing live in our stores, please see hmvlive&local


The following is a brief outline of the terms that will be included in the agreement that will be provided by us if we agree to take stock from you on a local basis:

  • stock shall be provided on a consignment basis which means that we pay you for the stock we sell
  • you can either deliver the stock in person or deliver the stock via a courier
  • you shall provide a delivery note with all stock delivered 
  • each month we shall email you details of the stock sold during the previous month
  • each month you shall invoice us for all stock reported as being sold during the previous month
  • we shall pay you on 30-day end-of-month terms once you submit each valid invoice
  • unsold stock shall be collected by you


If a store wishes to take stock, they will request the following information from you:

  • artist name / band name
  • title / description of the stock
  • format (CD, LP, book, etc)
  • cost price (the amount we shall pay you for each item we sell to our customers)
  • details of any planned marketing, pr and advertising
  • details of any upcoming live performances in the area
  • contact name, telephone number and e-mail address
  • full name, postal address and email address of the person who will sign the agreement
  • for companies: company name, company number, registered address, trading address

Please download and use this document to detail the above information you will be required to provide to the store. ​


  1. Contact store staff to enquire if they are interested in stocking your music or other goods, if they are, provide them with the necessary details (as listed above).
  2. The store shall forward the information you provide to HMV Legal at our head office who will review and contact you or the store if any clarification is required.
  3. If we agree to take stock from you, HMV Legal shall prepare a formal Local Artist Stock Agreement based upon the information you have supplied. The agreement shall be sent directly to you via email to review, complete and sign digitally.
  4. The agreement will need to be completed online. Full instructions will be supplied with the agreement.
  5. The person who signs the agreement will be responsible for declaring earnings (if appropriate) to HMRC and whose bank details will be requested by HMV Legal on the agreement. A valid UTR Number (where relevant) will also be required (further information is available from HMRC or from your accountant). Where you represent a company, the company bank details, and Corporation Tax UTR Number will be required.
  6. Once the agreement has been completed, if there are no issues, HMV Legal shall process the agreement and then the store will contact you to request you arrange delivery of the stock. The stock should not be delivered until the agreement has been completed and you have been asked to deliver the stock.
  7. If we agree to take stock in multiple stores, separate agreements will be required for each store. We will only take stock in a maximum of five stores as this local artist procedure is designed for artists based locally to individual stores. Please see becoming a supplier for information about wider distribution.

You may download and use this sample delivery note template when delivering goods to us. ​
Please add your details and update the information on the delivery note, as necessary. 
You may download and use this sample invoice template when invoicing us for goods sold. ​
Please add your details and update the information on the invoice, as necessary. 


If you require any further assistance, please check the Local Artists FAQs and if you cannot find the answer then email If you already have a supplier number, please include it in your email. We will get back to you as soon as possible, but please be patient as we do receive a lot of enquiries from people wanting us to stock their music and other goods.

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